Felipe Neto – Straits Times Video Review

Youtuber and Felipe Neto are the hottest trend on YouTube at the moment. Youtuber is a YouTube phenomenon with millions of people following his every move, while Felipe Neto has built up a huge fan base since uploading his first video in 2005. Youtuber tends to go against the grain and get controversial with his videos, whilst Felipe Neto prefers to keep things more serious and slightly more sober. The two men have almost completely different views of the world; Felipe Neto views the world in a more surreal light, whereas Youtuber gives more weight to the seriousness of things by often focusing in on more serious topics or news stories. However, the two have since become one and the same, with both men posting their own unique videos, often with funny bits and clips in between.

In one video from Youtuber titled “I Shot Everything in My Mouth – Felipe Neto Vs Youtuber”, the two men do not hold each other’s hands as they sing to each other in a rather bizarre fashion, which many viewers found to be very amusing. In this video, Youtuber holds one of his hands in a suggestive manner, whilst Felipe Neto holds his hand in a gun-like manner, as though pointing the gun at Youtuber’s head. The video has had many downloads, and is no doubt one of the biggest hits so far this year. The Straits Times decided to feature this particular video, as they felt that the content was relevant for their readers, and as such was worthy of publication.

In the Straits Times review of Youtuber’s video, he claims that he does not plan on making more videos, but instead wants to focus on his goal of becoming a worldwide phenomenon through his videos. He says that he will not be using the same tactics on all of his videos, and will instead choose to make something entertaining and different each time. Many people have commented positively on Youtuber’s videos, and have even claimed that they may watch them in order to relax, or learn something new. There seems to be no end in sight for the internet sensations, who are now enjoying their fame and fortune with every video that they create.

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